I'm Smai: The other day, I said hi to this guy who never really talks.


The other day, I said hi to this guy who never really talks. I always make a point of greeting him if I see him. He’s really nice, y’know? He’s all tall and bony and slouches a lot and is really sort of awkward, but I’ve worked with him (we tended to have science together, I think) and he’s a cool guy.

Anyway, I said hi to him, and expected the usual “Uh, hi” in his super quiet and somewhat high-pitched voice, but he surprised me! “Uh, hi. Oh, I really liked you in the play.”

The play was last month, but I haven’t really seen him around since then, so that was pretty cool.

It is really reassuring to know that I can leave enough of an impression on someone that they feel the need to acknowledge it. I guess it doesn’t sound like much, but I think it’s pretty cool that he said a few more words than he usually does just to acknowledge that. I dunno.

I like acting. Acting is a good thing.

When I was in the play last year [soblastyearofhighschoolsob] I got so many random people coming up to me and saying nice things. I made people cry. I think that was the best compliment. People came up to me and told me that in the context of the play, they completely believed me. And they cried.
Also, I signed two people. You read that right. I signed lots of things but these two people insisted I sign their skin. That was really odd…..